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The Ultimate Winner
The Ultimate WinnerReleased: Aug 10, 2011Genres: DramaRating: 0.00/10Views: 2348Run Time: 95 min
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen ZhenReleased: Sep 1, 2010Genres: Action, Drama, HistoryRating: 8.33/10Views: 4532Run Time: 105 min
Ip Man
Ip ManReleased: Dec 12, 2008Genres: Action, BiographyRating: 9.43/10Views: 4484Run Time: 106 min
Sex Is Zero
Sex Is ZeroReleased: Dec 13, 2002Genres: Adventure, Comedy, RomanceRating: 8.71/10Views: 5194Run Time: 96 min
Wet Dreams 2
Wet Dreams 2Released: Jan 13, 2005Genres: Comedy, DramaRating: 8.00/10Views: 5244Run Time: 101 min
Naughty Instint
Naughty InstintReleased: 2008Genres: DramaRating: 7.65/10Views: 11228Run Time: 73 min
The Legend Is Born: Ip Man
The Legend Is Born: Ip ManReleased: Jun 24, 2010Genres: ActionRating: 9.67/10Views: 5744Run Time: 100 min
Sex And Fury
Sex And FuryReleased: Feb 17, 1973Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, ThrillerRating: 6.00/10Views: 4077Run Time: 88 min
True Legend (Su Qi-Er)
True Legend (Su Qi-Er)Released: Feb 9, 2010Genres: Action, Drama, HistoryRating: 8.50/10Views: 2697Run Time: 116 min
Bang Rajan 2
Bang Rajan 2Released: 2010Genres: Action, WarRating: 0.00/10Views: 2376Run Time: 122 min
Kiseichuu: kiraa pusshii
Kiseichuu: kiraa pusshiiReleased: Aug 22, 2004Genres: HorrorRating: 6.14/10Views: 4166Run Time: 60 min
Ai No Corrida
Ai No CorridaReleased: Apr 1, 1977Genres: Drama, RomanceRating: 9.00/10Views: 2213Run Time: 109 min
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